Alan  & Lorna Fogg , 73  Old Carrick Lane, Barnet Vermont 05821
Phone:  (802) 633-4491       /      Fax: (802) 419-3088
E-MAIL:  afogg12388@gmail.com

For our own Vermont Maple Syrup

“2015 syrup is ready”

 Plastic Continers

  Special packaging may be available for all items.  Shipping can be arranged within the United States through UPS or the US Postal Service.  

 International customers must email or call so  correct shipping can be added.



Who We Are……..

Center Hill Maples, located in the picturesque neighborhood of Barnet Center, Vermont, is owned and operated by Alan and Lorna Fogg.  We tap  800 trees using modern technology, including our 100% vacuum pipeline system with sap-ladders where necessary,  and a wood-fired evaporator complete with Steam-A-Way�.  Our quality maple syrup and maple products are available at the farm and from this web site.  Products available include maple syrup, 100% maple candy, maple cream and granulated maple sugar.  Visitors are welcome during the annual Maple Open House Weekend, which happens in late March, or anytime by appointment.

Alan Fogg

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